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About Us

Mainly Menus began in 2004 to offer businesses an opportunity to obtain a local presence on a daily basis by placing advertisements on the menu at a popular local restaurant.  The restaurants benefit from the advertisements, which offset the cost of the menus, so everyone wins! 

 Our goal is to put your business in front of thousands of people as well as seen on a daily basis when advertising on a diner or take-out menu.  We are proud to offer a menu program for restaurants that save them money on menus and also offer businesses an image ad for just pennies per exposure.

 Since we opened our doors, we have expanded our services to provide businesses even greater marketing strategies such as custom print products, promotional items which include tee shirts and apparel as well as our unique and flexible direct mail program.

 We strive to offer the best quality products as well as creative solutions within your budget, so you can achieve successful results.